Odessa Building “A”, “B”, & “C”


  • “A” 341,753 s.f.  “B” 391,470 s.f. “C” 235,000 s.f.
  • Statesville, NC


West & Stem was hired to design  three new speculative warehouse buildings near the intersection of Interstate 40 and Interstate 77 in Statesville, NC.  Building “C”, the first building under construction is approximately 235,000 sf in size.  The building is a single-loaded 310’ x 756’ facility with tilt-up concrete perimeter panels, a single-ply membrane roof and conventional steel frame system.  Structural framing includes 50’x54’ column spacing to accommodate 10’ clear racking aisles and a 60’ clear speed bay along the dock elevation to maximize distribution and loading efficiency and safety.  The building is intended for a single tenant and includes a minimum clear height for racking at 36’.